SEO and SEM positioning myths


1. optimisation = positioning

Website optimization is not the same as website positioning, although of course it is a part of it. This is how we call on-site activities that affect the content, structure and structure of a website. Such action builds the credibility of our website. Positioning is a much broader issue and also includes all activities outside the site (off-site), consisting mainly in obtaining links to our site. Only both processes implemented at the same time give a chance for a good position in search results.

2. you can buy a place in the search engine from Google

It is not possible to buy a place in organic search results (SERP). Google only charges for the inclusion of our website in sponsored links.

3. positioning costs a lot

In fact, positioning does not have to be expensive at all. Everything depends on what we want to commission. Positioning has the best price-performance ratio, giving you the most effective way to directly reach customers with specific preferences. Especially that in the case of this form of advertising, customers, by entering phrases into Google, directly inform about their preferences.

4. positioning companies sign agreements with Google

Google is not a partner and does not cooperate in the field of positioning. Such action would expose the company to a drastic drop in reliability as a reliable source of information, which by definition should be evaluated and ranked by an independent and objective algorithm. On the websites of positioning companies you can only see the certificate of Google Partner, which only proves that the company is technically prepared to run the AdWords campaign, has passed the appropriate exam and has the appropriate experience.

5. one positioning is sufficient for ever

Even if we manage to find ourselves high in the SERP once, our competitors are not asleep. As soon as we are satisfied with our search results, our rivals will continue to work for an even better position. As a consequence, this may mean a decrease in our company's results. In addition, any changes in the algorithms used by Google may result in a reduction in the position of the page once positioned. This is why positioning should be perceived as a continuous process, and the dominant model of cooperation on the market is positioning settled within a monthly subscription.

6. you can quickly position yourself

Positioning, as mentioned above, is a long-term activity and it is not possible to quickly reach high positions with ethical methods. The only way to do this is through the so-called black-hat-seo methods. This method of operation is usually quite cheap and consists in linking the website using special programs. Unfortunately, the use of such methods may involve the imposition of sanctions by Google. A sudden increase in the number of links, followed by a drastic decline, leaves a trace in the history of the site, with a negative impact on the later position.

7. sponsored links increase search engine ranking

Sponsored links (Google AdWords) have no influence on the place in the organic search results. The only thing they can influence is the total number of visits to our website.

8. place in search engines can be guaranteed

This is not possible. Our score in SERP consists of too many factors that are variable (it is estimated that the Google algorithm is modified several hundred times each year).

9. the graphics on the website is the most important

For Google robots, no graphics, and the content on the site is the most important. A special algorithm takes into account, first of all, the proper selection and exposition of keywords, the title of the page or the uniqueness of entries. Of course, graphics are important and make the website look more attractive, but they are not a key element having a significant impact on the result of positioning.

10. you can get a so-called "ban" from Google for a sudden increase in the number of links

"Ban" is the complete removal of a website from Google's results. As a rule, a sudden increase in the number of links is too little "guilt" to be "banned". You can at most fall into filters that cause the page to fall to a much lower position than the one that should result from the work done so far on its positioning.

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