Copies will help protect your data from loss or destruction?


If you store data on your computer or phone, which can be a problem, you should remember that there is always a risk of losing it and that is why it is important to make backup copies of your data to protect it from loss.

How to make backups?

The easiest way to make sure your data is not lost is to copy and store it in a safe place. The first step to make a good copy will be to select the data to be copied. It is worth thinking about which files we care most about and then we gather them in one place, then making copies will be easier. The second issue is the choice of the place where it will be saved. If the amount of data is small, you can also store it in clouds on the network and on a USB storage medium.

In the case of larger datasets, such data can be stored on an external hard drive, because it will take too long and at the same time it will be too expensive to save it on the cloud. Storing data on an external drive is a chance to keep it more confidential. If these are very important data, it is worth making copies in different places.

Data on external drives

Updating the backup

One-time backup will not be enough. It is worth remembering to update it regularly, especially when it comes to documents that will work for a long time and which also have subsequent versions. A good rule of thumb will also be to make new copies once a week. A space between copies will also be desirable, but we choose it ourselves in order to adapt it well to the specific conditions. Some programs also allow us to make automatic copies. It is worth remembering to have elements in different places to have such data on copies, because this way the protection will be really more effective.

Regular back-ups

Regularly making copies and storing them in a safe place will be very important, because this way even damage to equipment or any viruses will not be a problem for us and our data will really be properly secured. Even if there is an unpleasant incident, there is a chance that our data will really be successfully recovered.

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