Three claws for searchers of perfect gaming keyboards


uRage takes over the attack again and presents two reliable gaming keyboards to suit every RPG, FPS, MMO, MOBA and RTS gaming fan. You can choose between two membrane keyboards - Lethality and Exodus Macro, which are products made of high quality material, characterized by instant response when clicking, the use of Anti-Ghosting technology, LED backlighting, as well as ergonomic wrist support, which is definitely useful during long sessions.

(Non-fatal) 105 keys

Precision and immediate response: that's what distinguishes a player's keyboard. And this is what we get from uRage Lethality. The product is equipped with Anti-Ghosting technology, and the keystroke stroke increases speed and reduces response time of the player. Lethality has eight color-coded hotkeys for intuitive keyboard operation. And the ergonomic wrist rest, which can be detached from the keyboard, is useful for hours of gaming sessions. The keyboard casing is covered with a nice rubber material, which protects it from scratches and damage at the same time.

The feet have an anti-slip layer, so the keyboard remains stable and always in place. Another useful feature of Lethality is its thin profile. Thanks to this, the keyboard looks very attractive, and the colorful backlight complements the whole. The model comes with more than a metre-long cable in the lagging and software that allows you to customize the product's functions.

Game keyboard

Tailor-made keyboard

If you are looking for a product that fits perfectly with each other, it is worth considering a proposal of uRage Exodus Macro. This model among 116 keys has as many as 11, with the help of which we can set the appropriate macros. Thanks to them we will personalize the product according to our own preferences and set selected functions during the game. In addition, the Exodus Macro gaming keyboard allows you to create five profiles to which you can assign individual settings such as game or user-specific settings. As with Lethality, this model also features Anti-Ghosting technology, which allows you to press several keys at the same time without locking. The same applies to the possibility of blocking the Windows key, which usually causes many problems during the decisive games.

And during gaming night sessions, night vision mode can be used to adjust the backlight in three colours. The keyboard is clearly visible and, combined with its irregular, rebellious design, will appeal to aesthetics. Exodus Macro is covered with an anti-slip rubber material, has a wrist rest and a thin profile, which contributes to greater ergonomics when playing. We are able to adjust all settings and preferences with the help of the included dedicated software.

uRage is not only about perfectly crafted and designed keyboards. It's also a rebellious style that players appreciate. A number of facilitations in the form of programmable keys, macro settings, backlighting and wrist rests are features that will be appreciated by every seasoned player.

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