The art of motivating the listener


Very often it is difficult for us not to resist the impression that the vast majority of public speeches are doomed to failure from the outset. The main reason for this is the fact that their content contains mainly theory and data, while the speech itself is not only devoid of emotions, but also of any examples that could refer to the experience gathered by the viewer. It is therefore worth modifying our way of public speaking by referring to several levels during its duration.


Physiology comes to the fore in this context, so it is worth making sure that the very conditions in which the listener finds himself or herself enable him or herself to perceive our presentation. The ideal situation is when it is full and insulated, because you can hope that when you find yourself in such a state you will fully open up to the content that we are trying to convey to it. No less important is his conviction that what he says can really be of use to us. This is where at least a few specific issues that the recipients face are identified.

Problems to be solved

If we talk about real problems, we have a better chance that we will be listened to attentively and that the content we provide will not be forgotten immediately.

Ambition and willingness to develop

The next level is related to ambition and willingness to develop and concerns the future of listeners. It is worth trying to give them answers to questions about who the listeners want to be and what they plan to have. After all, one cannot question the fact that everyone has dreams, and a good speech may turn out to be an inspiration, which will make their realization stop appearing as a difficult task.

Public presentation

Higher feelings

We must not forget about higher feelings, because every person strives not only for professional fulfillment, but also for joy, happiness and love. It is therefore worth looking for an answer to the question about what to do in order to be even happier, because this search is close to the participants of the training.


Another interesting level that we should not forget is altruism, as sometimes we can question it, giving usually motivates more than just getting there. If a speech gives such an unexpected value, its impact on listeners will certainly increase.

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