What is server virtualization?


Virtualization is an extremely important process of applying the abstraction of resources in various aspects of IT solutions. It is used in servers to make more efficient use of the hardware resources of the IT environment.

The application of this technology allows, first of all, to run multiple applications on several operating systems, which are running simultaneously on the same physical server with the use of slow power. This allows you to fully utilize the computing and resource power of the servers. Instead of buying more physical servers for the enterprise, the company can put more virtual machines on the servers, and will still achieve the same level of performance and quality of work as physical servers. Virtualization of servers makes it possible to deliver business services very quickly, and the new system is created in a short time and ready to work right away, which is extremely important nowadays, when the market is changing very dynamically and the speed of work is appreciated. In the following article we will familiarize you with server virtualization and bring VMware solutions closer to virtualization.

Does virtualization pay off?

Saving is a real virtue, and the search for new ways to save money can be really fruitful - manufacturers are outdoing each other in creating new solutions that will reduce the cost of running network solutions. Virtualization of servers enables their consolidation and ensures high availability of applications. Even if the physical server fails, the company will continue to function smoothly, which minimizes the risk of financial losses. Undoubtedly, every administrator of network solutions knows how burdensome failures can be and what effects they can bring if the most pessimistic scenario materializes. However, if there is any failure, thanks to virtualization solutions, its removal will be less expensive and much more efficient. An additional reason to encourage cost effective customers to invest in server virtualization is to create virtual machines on the fly, according to demand. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about the fact that any application will prove unnecessary and will occupy space on the physical server. Multifunctionality and complexity of server virtualization solutions encourages more and more entrepreneurs to use the services of companies offering this type of products. Before purchasing a service, it can be tested - companies provide such an option, so that entrepreneurs can see for themselves the many advantages of virtualization solutions. Thomas it is an authorized distributor of professional networking solutions and offers a very wide range of VMware virtualization products. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

VMware virtualization - a leader in software

VMware was one of the first companies to deal with virtualization and create professional solutions for professional users. It is a California-based company that creates many technologically advanced solutions to streamline business operations. VMware virtualization is characterized by high quality, innovation and solid workmanship. VMware software is not very expensive, but provides a trouble-free, stable work environment and allows you to reduce the cost of ownership of enterprise solutions. Below are some examples of products offered by VMware for virtualization:

  • VMware Workstation - it is a comprehensive, coherent platform that allows you to create and run several virtual machines on one physical server. Versatile VMware Workstation software environment allows you to connect multiple operating systems on a single platform - not only Windows or Linux, but also Solaris and NetWare. VMware virtualization is also very complex due to the possibility of connecting peripheral devices via USB and COM ports. All company resources can be used, which ensures savings and ease of use.
  • VMware vCenter is a very modern platform, which is characterized by complexity, scalability and centralization. Managing a virtual environment using this platform is very convenient and efficient; the customer can control the infrastructure and virtualization at any level (virtual machines and physical servers located in the data center). Thanks to the open architecture VMware vCenter easily integrates with other applications and is very easy to configure.
  • VMware vSphere - this is the best professional solution, which is the basis for all kinds of cloud and business applications. This product will surely find application in many companies (also in slightly smaller ones). The customer can choose one of three packages - Essentials, Enterprise and Standard. They differ in content, VMware vSphere Enterprise and Standard are rather solutions for the most demanding users who expect the highest quality services. The less advanced Essentials package is ideal for smaller businesses as it guarantees the ability to install the VMware vSphere platform on three physical devices with up to two CPUs. Thomas it allows you to purchase these solutions in commercial and academic versions in a wide variety of configurations.

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