How to learn how to write a blog?


Do you want to keep a blog, but your texts are full of mistakes, chaotic, bland and not imaginative? He thinks you are far from Paweł Opydo or Tomek Tomczyk aka Jason? You say to yourself: I can't write. I'll tell you: you haven't yet learned to write.

Writing is not just a matter of talent. Not only that, because of course we will find many people who were born with the gift of creating excellent stories and formulating their thoughts. This should be congratulated, quietly envy and learn from them. But writing is also hard work. Creativity makes it much easier, but without this spark it is also possible, although more difficult.

What does sleeping science look like? It does not differ much from learning anything else. Initially it is difficult, it seems impossible, it can even make you tired. We take awkward steps, which after some time become more and more certain. Practice really makes the master. You will see - you will quickly find your own style, and writing will be a great pleasure for you.

But one by one. You are probably at the beginning of the road, and therefore...

Get to know your tools

Words become your greatest ally, so try to get to know more and more of them. You learn to build extended sentences, paragraphs, whole posts.

Remember also that web texts are governed by a little bit different laws. The greatest potential must therefore be included in the title and the counter. Use keywords, try to write as concretely as possible and do not forget about subtitles.

If you want your blog to be really creative, you need to take care of a constant flow of topics, inspirations and interesting problems for the reader. You'll probably make a lot of mistakes as well, but each of them will make you know more. Use this knowledge in practice.

How to write a blog

A small, big recipe for success

You may already know what the recipe for success is, but you haven't realized it yet. Let me help you. It is a job. Work and work again. And maybe a little more work. That's why don't try to rest on your laurels if something starts to come out. Learn more and write as much as possible. However, these are not all hints:

Read as much as possible

Without this you will not reach the highest level. These can be books, other blogs, newspapers. Read and learn - see how others form sentences, what words they use, how they combine them. This will activate your creativity.

Read Analytically

Look for your blog mentors and be inspired by their way of looking at reality and using stylistic treatments. Don't copy them, but try to find your way to success by looking at their work.


Start with short content and then go on to articles, columns, stories - whatever you want. Remember, however, not to be limited. Expand your horizons and learn new things. With time you will feel what you are best at.

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