Gold coins - passion and investment


Gold is the noblest raw material, associated with power and wealth. Investing your assets in investment gold is becoming more and more popular. If you want to invest your capital, you can decide to buy gold coins. What types of gold coins do we distinguish and why should we buy them?

Types of gold coins

In principle, gold coins are divided into two types - collector coins and bouillon coins. What's the difference between them?

⦁ Gold collector coins

Gold collector coins have many enthusiasts. No wonder - they're precious and beautiful. Gold collector coins impress with their intricate, delicate decorations, which can depict various motifs. Sometimes it is done on a specific, important occasion or to commemorate an important event. An example is the beatification of the Pope, John Paul II or the 90th anniversary of our country's regaining independence. What else can be found on collector coins? They show images of people who have contributed to sport, science or art. They are often decorated with beautiful floral and animal motifs, as well as various ornaments. There are also coins available on the market which depict, for example, the individual signs of the Zodiac. The smallest gold coins in the world are also a curiosity. Their weight is only about 1 g and their diameter about 11 mm. In their case, beautiful, delicate decorations make an even greater impression, because they are made with the greatest precision. We can buy, among others, the smallest coins in the world with images of Napoleon Bonaparte, John Paul II or Alfred Nobel. Collecting gold coins can become a great passion. Gold collector coins are also a great gift idea. Giving a special person a gold coin, you give him or her not only something beautiful, but also valuable.


bouillon coinsGolden bouillon coins

The main difference between gold collector coins and bouillon coins is that the latter are minted for investment purposes. Their issuance is usually not limited and depends on the demand for the coin. When we collect gold coins, we want to get the most rare ones to add splendour to our collection. When investing in bouillon coins, it is worth choosing the most famous ones. Their high recognition means that their price is the closest to the price of an ounce of gold on the stock exchange and therefore also the most advantageous when shopping. More rare bouillon coins do not have a collector's value, and when we buy them we have to pay more in relation to the stock exchange price of one ounce of gold, mainly due to higher costs of minting by the mints. Among the most popular gold bouillon coins are Krugerrands, Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leaves and Australian Kangaroos.

Invest with your head

Gold coins are exceptionally beautiful and precious. Therefore, both the purchase for collector's and investment purposes is certainly profitable. It is also worth giving a gold coin to someone special. It is a beautiful, memorable gift, which delights with its beauty, as well as has a lot of value. Remember to only buy investment gold in a proven location.

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