Networking - you don't have to be the soul of the company to succeed


A career in almost every profession depends to a great extent on our boldness towards other people and the ability to make the right contacts with them. It is not about doing anything "after acquaintance". In some professions you just need to present yourself well and get some professional contacts to climb up the ladder a little bit higher.

Establishing professional contacts and creating an entire network in the West is commonly referred to as networking. It is gaining more and more popularity also in Poland, where more and more people start to follow its rules. But does this mean that shy people, who are not the soul of the company and have a lot of difficulties in making new acquaintances from above, are doomed to failure in business? Not necessarily.

The idea of networking emerged at the end of the last century in the United States. Generally speaking, it assumes the creation of our own network of business contacts, which we can use in case of need. With such a network it is much easier for us to reach potential recipients of our services and goods or financial partners - even if we do not know a person at a given moment, we will certainly "know someone who knows someone ...". - and so on. The creators of networking were guided by the assumption that in building business relations it is extremely important to have a real contact with another person. Although at the very beginning it was mainly about making contacts via the Internet, it quickly turned into the idea of creating a live broadcast.

However, it is important to introduce oneself to the other person and to give the impression of being a trustworthy person with whom it is worth doing business. Many people limit themselves here only to making boring, dull formulas about their business and giving someone a business card - sometimes it is actually enough, but in the vast majority of cases it is definitely not enough to be remembered for a long time. Many people, however, due to their shyness and lack of ability to behave freely among unknown people, have serious problems with this. In such a case, it is worth realizing that you can work on everything - only patience and determination are needed. Making contact with other people is a skill like any other - some are born with natural talent, others are a bit more reluctant, but in any case you just have to work on yourself.

The Internet is a great place to create such courage, so let's start by getting to know people online. You can enjoy much more anonymity there, and conversations with others are not as dynamic as the real ones. Sooner or later, however, it is necessary to move into the "real" world. Start with small things. You don't have to throw yourself into the deep water and go out to big business meetings, which are full of unfamiliar people from smaller industries. However, it is worthwhile to offer your business partners shorter, individual meetings for coffee - in a quiet and intimate atmosphere it is always easier to talk. In order to gain self-confidence, it is also worth working on yourself. The appearance says a lot about man, so things such as a gym, good cosmetics and properly selected clothing are very advisable here.

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