What should be in a company car?


Adequate equipment of a company car is both a matter of prestige and proper representation of the company, as well as the possibility of deducting most of the costs of this type from the tax. Automotive accessories and devices will be useful both in everyday use of the vehicle, as well as on longer business trips.

Car accessories that will be useful in any company

Convenient equipment for company cars is something worth paying attention to. Regardless of whether the vehicles are used by dealers, cancelling drivers or managers, they should be suitable for comfortable driving and equipped with at least basic accessories and equipment. Here they are:

  • GPS navigation - most people cannot imagine moving around unknown areas without efficient car navigation and it is hardly surprising. Time is money, and wandering on roads and detours with a paper map in hand does not serve the purpose of reaching the destination quickly, and few people have the comfort of treating similar experiences as an interesting experience. In order to shorten the time of business trips, it is advisable to install a GPS navigation system in company cars. In some vehicles it can be installed at the factory, in others it is necessary to take care of an external device. While there are alternatives to navigating with your smartphone and apps, it is much more convenient to navigate directly in your car.
  • Navigation bracket - if you decide to equip your company car with navigation, you can't do without the bracket. They are usually available in a navigation kit, although this is not a 100% rule. In most cases, such purchases can be easily included in the company's costs.
  • Phone cradle - Whether you use your phone while driving for navigation or hands-free calls, it's a good idea to equip your company's cars with universal phone cradles (with adjustable grip size).
  • Car radio - it is hard to imagine moving around the city, standing in traffic jams and further commuting without the possibility of listening to the radio or your favorite music. A car radio should be included in every company vehicle - it is a matter of driving comfort but also of improving concentration on the road. Many people notice that listening to the radio while driving stimulates and makes it harder to be overwhelmed by tiredness behind the wheel.
  • Cables and chargers - in the era of modern mobile devices, it is worth taking care to be able to recharge their batteries while driving. There is no need for special equipment. Usually a suitable cable, converter or adapter is sufficient. In most new cars there are already various sockets (including USB), and in others you can use an adapter from the cigarette lighter socket to USB or another type of socket to charge your tablet or camera.

Car accessories that are also worth considering.

If you need to move quickly from place to place in a company car, you should also consider buying a CB radio. CB radio is equipment that is very often used by numerous drivers, and which allows you to get a perfect idea of the road situation, bypass traffic jams, and even asking about the road, which may prove to be extremely useful.

Another solution that can be useful in a company car is the reversing sensor and the camera. The reversing sensor makes parking much easier, and the camera enables recording of trips, which is useful both in accounting for working time, as well as in resolving possible disputes (for example, after a small cullet, recording from a car camera can help to determine the person responsible for the event).

Equipping company cars is an issue that should be taken into consideration and treated as an investment in the image of the company and in the comfort of employees' work. Purchases of this type can be classified as business expenses and this is an additional tax benefit.

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