For whom local positioning?


Local positioning is a strategy suggested mainly for small and medium sized companies, whose range is limited locally, e.g. it is the city in which they are based. However, it will also work well for companies that do business in several cities, but only if each city has its own seat.

What is it about local results?

For some time when we have the default Google search settings are very dependent on our location when we ask a question. Google then automatically checks our location and suggests some of the results, which may vary from where we are currently located. So it looks like people from different cities, e.g. Warsaw and Poznan, after typing the same phrase, will receive different results.

Location of the Company

Having a physical location is a basic requirement for local positioning. So if we want to have a company in Warsaw, we should have a place in this city where we will be able to accept customers on a regular basis.


As in traditional SEO, it is the foundation. Without it we will not achieve success. The most important thing is to make sure that our website has a subpage where our current data such as address or telephone number are located. It's also worth putting your email address there. You can also add a Google map with a marker.

In addition, we can add such data in the footer of other subpages of our service. It is important that they are consistent. If we have several locations for each of them, we should create a separate subpage with their contact details.
It is also worth taking care of the unique content of your website, especially the description of your company. It is worth adding the name of the company or even its locations in various places.

social media

Social media

This is a very important element of building local authority. Please note that our social media data should be the same as those on our site. While creating such profiles we should post as many details as possible, which may be of interest to our customers.

Opinions and evaluations

Gaining natural opinions is a very important point in our strategy. A large number of positive opinions will increase the credibility and trust in our company. However, it is important not to obtain artificial opinions, as these can be easily detected and will not bring any benefit. It is also worth to have contact with people who gave us both negative and positive opinions and to respond to them. This will also increase our credibility.

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