How to take care of network security in the company?


Any company currently operating on the market - regardless of its size - is not able to function without access to the Internet and various network solutions. Employees use the network to share the created elements of projects, correspond by e-mail or take part in teleconferences. All data held by the company is stored in electronic form, and the server rooms of some corporations take up a really huge amount of space. Unfortunately, criminals are aware of the importance of all network solutions - a hacker looking for easy profit will try to break the security and get to the data or systems he is interested in. Entrepreneurs must try to keep up both with the development of "positive" technologies, which work in the service of companies, and those which can painfully harm the development of the company.

What actions should an entrepreneur take?

Each company should have a qualified employee as a network administrator. Such a person takes care of the broadly understood corporate network, takes care of its correct and efficient operation and maintaining the security of the transmitted data. However, should the administrator act alone? Recent statements of researchers suggest that (especially in larger corporations) it is very important to hire an additional expert as a security manager. This employee should be 100% focused on security issues, new trends in this category and emerging threats in cyberspace. The Security Manager may also be responsible for providing training for "less technical" employees who work in the company's network technology departments, but use the Internet for their daily duties.

What is worth sensitising employees to?

Sociotechnics is of great importance in carrying out attacks on the network. Very often, instead of resorting to security breaches or the creation of technologically advanced viruses, cybercriminals choose to send a false message prompting the victim to disclose data or passwords. This is why it is important to provide training and raise the most important safety issues. What should I pay attention to? Employees should carefully read any messages they receive. Check who is the sender, where the links pasted into the content come from, look for any errors or ambiguities that may reveal that the message is an attempt to impersonate or defraud the data. Sensitize employees (especially those who send a lot of e-mails every day) to false, malicious attachments in messages and attempts to defraud transfers. Maybe in the future the attack on the company will be thwarted by the quick reaction of one of the trained employees.

How to protect yourself with technology?

There are many multi-brand products on the market to protect the corporate network against cybercrime. How to find yourself in the maze of possibilities and choose the best, the most cost-effective and, above all, the safest solution? We recommend that you carefully analyze the assortment of the leading manufacturers of this type of products and get a decent security. One of the best companies offering security solutions is Fortinet. The brand has developed special, professional technologies and dedicated services that create a coherent, efficient security system that will certainly meet the expectations of many professional customers looking for modern, constantly updated solutions.

Fortinet products are used by as many as 320,000 customers from all over the world, who appreciate the complexity and professionalism of the offered solutions. In addition to ensuring security, their application also makes it possible to simplify the network infrastructure and reduce the overall costs of its operation.

What solutions to pay attention to?

The solution offered by Fortinet, widely recommended by users, is FortiGate, a multifunctional security platform. Among the whole range of these products, each entrepreneur will find something for himself and his company, regardless of its size or profile. The combination of a dedicated FortiOS operating system with specialized FortiASIC processors allows to ensure effective protection of the company's network. The company also offers many additional security options. These include, among other things: FortiCamera (IP video surveillance), FortiCloud (login and administrative support for clouds), FortiMail (e-mail protection), FortiToken (two-component authentication token function), FortiWeb (network application firewall) or FortiADC (application delivery controller).

Why are FortiGate solutions so effective in network security? First of all, because protection works on two levels at the same time. This is the network level and the application level. The system is updated automatically, so that it always provides real-time protection against emerging threats in the network. When you buy a single Fortinet solution, you get access to a number of features and protections, such as data leak protection, IPv6 support, advanced antivirus with sandboxing function in the cloud, router/transparent mode, VoIP (Voice over IP) support, WAN optimization, intrusion protection, bandwidth management or BYOD support (device recognition, user reputation function).

Examples of Fortinet products

The product number FG-100D-BDL-974-12 is a solution for medium sized companies as well as branches of larger companies. It provides the functionality of both the latest generation firewall and the multifunctional UTM platform, which protects against multiple threats at the same time.

The Fortigate 200-D series is designed to meet the needs of medium and larger companies. Thanks to the use of this device, the company is protected against threats in the network and all kinds of cybercrime. The solutions used in the product include accelerated bandwidth and an integrated controller and switch for wireless networks.

Where is the best place to buy Fortinet solutions?

Using the services of authorized partners of manufacturers of this type of devices is extremely cost-effective, because apart from the expected product, the customer receives full technical support, professional consultations with experts, and a license for several years to receive updates of the software, which is particularly important in the case of security. thomas it offers a wide range of Fortinet products. Consultants will be happy to help you choose the best products, tailored to the needs of a particular company and will provide advice at every stage of purchase and installation.

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