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Positioning is difficult. No one knows whether the techniques that work now will be equally effective in a month or a year's time. Google's webmaster guidelines for webmasters change every moment and are not very clear. Let's take a look at the experience of people professionally engaged in positioning.

Ideal Internet

Let's consider what an ideal Internet can be, especially the links in electronic media. One of the most famous media is Wikipedia. We can find in it a lot of strong internal links, as well as external, supplementing the content of the article. It seems to be a very good model.

The content of the link has a very large impact on the positioning of the website. For this reason, many companies started to abuse this form of promotion. Special pages and articles with links have been created. Often these articles did not present any substantive value and were questionable from a linguistic point of view.

However, this does not make sense and certainly does not contribute to attempts to build an ideal, high quality Internet.

seo links in articles

New requirements for SEO activities

Google regularly makes changes to the algorithm, modifying it to prevent attempts to manipulate search results. Nevertheless, a lot of positioners still use this type of dubious techniques. However, more and more positioning companies rely on safer techniques that minimize the risk of sudden loss of position.

At the moment it is difficult to determine which techniques are fully legal. It is certain, however, that certainly not those cultivated by positioners. Fortunately, positioning is increasingly based on working on content and building natural movement. This is already the right direction.

Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder to get online free of charge.

Bad links and good links

It is not always possible to determine whether a link is good or bad. If it was added by the site admin, for free, it is natural. However, it is not always possible to define it at first glance. After all, no one boasts whether he took the money for linking. Google will not find out either. On the other hand, it is able to assess on the basis of several parameters whether the link looks natural. However, this is not enough and in 2012 Google opened a unit which is supposed to check the links manually.

Sponsored articles and SEO

Links from sponsored articles should not count. Google is quite critical of this type of activity. People who want to use this practice should increase the "naturalness" of the links and add them to the site in a thoughtful way. Already the publication itself can significantly increase the number of natural visits to the site, which positively affects the position in the search engine.

Expert articles and SEO

Expert articles are an excellent form of advertising. However, they must be objective and not contain direct advertising content. Authors of entries should not receive a fee for them. Writing such articles is difficult, but it allows you to build a great brand.

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