How to measure the effectiveness of social media moderators' work?


However, many businesses still have problems with planning an effective strategy and, above all, with proper accounting for the effectiveness of actions in social media. For some, it turns out to be quite a challenge to select the right people to serve the company's social channels, or even to decide whether to create such a team within the current structures or to outsource activities in social media.

The right tools

Regardless of whether we have our own team, work with an external agency or freelancers, it is extremely important to be able to verify the effects of their work. Social media management tools come in handy. Some of them, such as NapoleonCat, offer social inboxes to manage content from different platforms. NapoleonCat provides not only an insight into these contents, but also the possibility of their moderation and reporting the effects of the work of each of the moderators. This allows us to quickly find out who's doing well, who needs additional support, average response time to fans' and followers' enquiries, and so on. We can therefore define KPIs for our moderators and regularly monitor their implementation. It is not only about controlling the work of the team, but also about looking for ways to optimize and increase the effectiveness of their actions. Thanks to the reports of moderators and activities in the social inbox, we can see which areas need to be improved, and thanks to their improvement we can achieve better results from our social media activities.

What data does the report contain?

NapoleonCat provides two new reports for inbox activities:

1. moderated profiles report, which contains moderation parameters of particular social profiles. This report shall contain the following data:

  • the number of new content that appeared in the NapoleonCata social inbox during the selected period (comments, notes, private messages, etc.),
  • number of coded messages, i.e. messages on which any action has been performed (e.g. answering, tagging the content, adding a sentiment to the content, etc.) - broken down into messages with a publicly visible response and those with a private message response,
  • number of archived activities,
  • number of new comments / private messages / comments on posts hidden in the analyzed period,
  • mean time and median time of the first reaction of the moderator,
  • the shortest and longest response time,
  • average moderation time visible to the fan/observer,
  • number of individual moderators' reactions by type (i.e. response, private message response, liking, archiving, deletion, etc.)

2. moderators' report, including moderator's moderator parameters. The following data can be checked here:

  • mean time and median time of the first reaction,
  • the shortest and longest response time,
  • average daily number of reactions,
  • total number of content / activities:
    - on which any moderator reaction has been performed,
    - archived,
    - to which a private message has been answered,
    - number of responses to comment / private message,
    - number of first reactions made in intervals: 0-30 min, 30-60 min, 1-2h, above 2h
  • number of individual moderator's reactions by type, i.e. response in private message, commenting, liking, archiving, tagging a fan or content, adding a sentiment, adding a note, blocking a user, etc.)

Step-by-step moderation report generation

To generate a moderation report, log in to your NapoleonCat account, go to the following tab NEW reports and select the option Create a new report available in the section MODERATION REPORTS.

Then select the time range to be covered by the report. You can use the default options (e.g. last 7 days, last 30 days, last month, etc.), as well as select the period you are interested in by marking it in the calendar.

In the next step, standard working hours of the moderators can be marked, so that the report will show the parameters for working hours and outside of them separately.

Then you have to select the profiles you want to report on (by clicking on their name or on the "+" icon to the right of it. The profiles selected for the report will be shown in the list Selected profiles. You can remove any profile from the list at any time using the Delete.

The last step is to choose the type of report: Moderated profiles report and Moderators' report. You can choose one of them, or you can choose to generate both at the same time. In the case of the second option - each report will be visible in a separate spreadsheet in an Excel file.

Monitoring the activities of people responsible for social media can not only increase the effectiveness of their work, but also improve the overall results of their communication strategy. Moderator reports available in NapoleonCata allow you to keep your hand on the pulse, control the work of a subordinate team, or better settle accounts with an external agency, but also skillfully optimize their actions and show the importance of their role for the development of your business.

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