What is Memsource and why should every translator use it?


Memsource software is an irreplaceable tool in the work of every translator - both in an agency and as a freelancer. It is a product created in 2010, belonging to a Czech company located in Prague. The founder of the program is David Canek. Find out how many useful features Memsource provides.

Realize projects always on time and without the risk of data loss

No self-respecting translator does his or her work only with the use of a text editor. It can be easily streamlined with translation project management tools. The CAD software, with which Memsource is integrated, works perfectly in this respect. This eliminates the need to translate each record separately. The translation sequences are continuously saved in the database and then compared with the new content. That's why you don't have to translate the same excerpts every time, which significantly reduces working time. Thanks to the use of the translation memory module, the agency or freelancer can therefore offer a competitive price for the provision of services.


The advantage of Memsource is that the translator no longer has to fear that the data stored on the computer's hard drive will be irretrievably damaged. All documents are stored in memory on an external server (in a public cloud: public cloud). This server is appropriately efficient and protected against viruses and various types of malware. In addition, current backups are made in the system. Access to all data from translation projects will be provided from a web browser. So you don't have to worry about power outages, damage to your computer's components or miswriting the file on your hard drive. Memsource is integrated with many external tools and applications for translators.

Work on translations wherever you want to

Memsource software will allow you to carry out translation projects from anywhere in the world with Internet access. So you don't have to limit yourself to working only on a desktop computer. Nothing prevents you from managing projects even with a laptop or other mobile devices. There are no obstacles to working on translations by train, in the garden, coworking office or café.

Free choice of supported file formats

Thanks to Memsource platform you can work with files in all popular formats such as: .xls, .csv, .dilta, .rtf, .dotx, .dot, .docx or doc.

Quick translation of content from Wordpress-based websites

Most websites in the world operate on the basis of the content management system Wodpress. It is an open source software, which was originally developed as a platform supporting simple blogging. Today, however, Wordpres is so developed that it can also be successfully used for commercial purposes. This system is used, among others, to manage the content of online shops, company business card websites, as well as extensive Internet portals.

A website is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach customers. If the company plans to expand the market with foreign markets, it is necessary to translate the content of the website into other languages. This is where Memsource comes in. With its help, you can quickly translate content from websites. It is no longer necessary to copy it every time to a text editor. You can easily import content from the content management system CMS. It is also possible to fully automate this process. The software will then check the page with the indicated frequency for new content.


Memsource is therefore an irreplaceable tool for every translator. Its use allows to significantly simplify and shorten the working time. It also increases the security of collected data and enables mobile management of translation projects.

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What is Memsource and why should every translator...

Memsource software is an irreplaceable tool in the work of every translator - both in an agency and as a freelancer. It is a product created in 2010, belonging to a Czech company located in...