How to create an interesting company logo?


Logo is a very important element of a company's visual identification. How to create an attractive and eye-catching logo? Is it possible to design a perfect logo? Can you create them yourself, or is it better to use the help of a professional graphic designer? What mistakes should be avoided? The following article will answer these questions.

Today, every company that is to be recognizable and wants to count on the market must have an interesting and eye-catching logo and a coherent visual identification. It is worthwhile to try to get an attractive company logo at the very beginning, because it may directly translate into later success. Of course, it is not easy to stand out from the countless number of trademarks, but you have to make an attempt.

How to design a perfect logo?

It is not easy to create a logo of your dreams, but you can at least try to get closer to the ideal. Timeless logotypes are usually simple and not very colourful. However, designing such a logo is really not easy and requires a lot of experience.

Legendary logotypes stand out from the others with the following features. They are simple, timeless and quick to remember. A really good company logo represents something special, but at the same time it must not be exaggerated. The sign should be effective. However, in order to know whether the logo will also be effective in 50 years, it is necessary to use the services of a unique and even brilliant graphic designer.

Here are some rules to follow when designing your logo:

three to four colours is the maximum (avoid bright and gloomy colours; it is also worth knowing the meaning of individual colours - the so-called colour psychology)

two typefaces are enough (fonts with sharp lines will work well in logos of dynamic companies, and those with softer lines for "softer" companies)

the designed logo should look good both in colour and grey and enlarged and reduced in size

unnecessary elements of the logotype should be removed as it should be legible

the company logo must be memorable

the logo should not follow current trends, as it will not be timeless in this way

Do not use ready-made graphics

the company logo should have some connection with the values of the given activity.

How to create a logo?

There are several ways to design a logo. Which of them will be chosen depends mainly on how much money the company wants to spend for this purpose. The cheapest option is to do it yourself, using free computer programs or in Adobe Photoshop. You can also use free logo generators such as Logomaker, Logoyes, Logoease. In order to create a logo in this way, you don't need to have any knowledge of graphics. Such programs combine images and fonts available in the database. The use of such a logo outside the Internet (i.e. on business cards, company paper and advertising gadgets, etc.) is possible after paying a small amount. Then you get the logo in better resolution. You can also ask a friendly graphic designer for help.

However, it is best to use the services of a professional graphic designer and pay him for the logo design.

How to create a logo

Another option is cooperation with a freelance graphic designer, who can design a logo for at least 1500 PLN net. Within this amount, there are three projects and the possibility to make three amendments. If the service is to also include the book of characters, the amount increases to 2500 PLN, and business cards, letterhead and other materials, then the amount is about 5000 PLN. When using the services of a graphic designer it is very important to communicate and present their visions in a comprehensible way.

The most expensive option is to design a logo by graphic studios, advertising agencies or branding studios. The latter specialize in the complex creation of brands, and therefore not only the logo and the entire visual identity, but also the image strategy, naming and trademark registration. Prices of such complex services start from several thousand zlotys. Only large companies and corporations with a large budget can afford it.

Errors made while designing the company logo

How to create a logo that will be good? Using the advice described above and avoiding the errors listed below.

The logo cannot be copied. If it is, the company may be sued for plagiarism. This may be the case when a project is ordered from suspected low-cost contractors.

The logo must be set, i.e. it must be in a format that will make it look good not only on the monitor, but also on various objects and in different sizes.

The logotype cannot be temporary, i.e. created with the use of Clippart, Word fonts or publicly available graphics.

The logo may not be exaggerated. Use a maximum of two fonts so that it is not chaotic.

The sign may not be bright and bold. A maximum of 3-4 colours should be used and these should be selected according to the rules of colour psychology. It must also look good in grey.

The logo must stand out with something. Creating a logo according to current trends will surely disappear in the crowd of other, similar logotypes. This will not provide him with timelessness.

Symbols related to the services provided or products sold should not be introduced into the company's logo. It must be universal.

The logo must not cause undesired associations. If it is associated with something concrete, others will have similar feelings.

Logo should not be designed intuitively, without market analysis. This can lead to the company's customers not understanding its message.

After all, the logo should not be created for yourself (for the graphic designer), but for the client, i.e. in accordance with the presented vision and expectations. The graphic designer cannot design a logo that only pleases him. Thanks to proper communication with the customer, he will create a logo that the latter will want to have.

Before choosing a particular person or agency or studio, it is worthwhile for the client to get acquainted with the portfolio in detail, to see if the style and presented designs correspond to their tastes and ideas about the logotype. It's good when the customer has some vision of the sign, then it's relatively easier to communicate with the graphic designer. Although sometimes it can be the other way round and the unrestricted graphic designer will design a better logo.

If, in turn, the company decides to rebranding, it should take advantage of the services at the highest level, so that it does not have to do it again.

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