Remote working - facts and myths


The myth is that remote work - i.e. work that is done at home - brings less income than the work that is done at the company's headquarters. According to reliable information, remote workers usually earn more than typical full-time workers. This depends, among other things, on the client's budget. If you do not pay for renting and servicing the space you need to provide for work, more money can be spent on the employee's remuneration. In addition, another saving - this time for the contractor - is the cost of commuting to work.

It is a fact that remote working requires large decks of self-discipline and the ability to impose a specific regime and mode of the day. Some people may find it difficult to adapt to a self-determined work pattern at home, because this place is not associated with the working atmosphere, but more often with rest and relaxation.

It is a myth that mobile workers usually lead a very stable and unhealthy lifestyle and do not bend their nose out of the house. Due to the lack of commuting to work and freedom in planning the day, they can use more time for their passions - exercises, social meetings, jogging, yoga and similar movement activities. In addition, they more often feel the desire to change their surroundings and go out, even for a short walk. Keeping a diet close to your own fridge and kitchen is also easier than in the office and the surrounding bars and phone food.

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Another popular myth about working from home is that it is most often chosen by people with an introverted disposition. This is not true. Temperance has nothing to do with mobile working. Both silent and hidden people as well as the souls of the company feel good in it. The latter group can easily meet their needs for contact with other people by working in a café or other place frequented by other people.

The myth is that you can work from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, not all locations are conducive to mobile working - some people who have to concentrate while doing the job could not work in a café full of people and loud conversations - all the more so when work also requires business calls on the phone.

However, it is true that it is possible to combine both remote and stationary modes. Currently, many employers offer this possibility to their employees, and they are happy to use this solution.

It is not true that there is a common belief that you have a lot of free time working from home. Unfortunately, this is a very unfair opinion. In fact, remote working requires the same attention and focus as office work. Obligations are still the same as before and, in addition, it is necessary to follow a pre-established work pattern - this is the key to success. Sorry to admit, but many people may have misunderstood the situation and in order to maintain and emphasize the seriousness of their activity you should refuse to spontaneously go out at the request of friends and watch over other people's children.

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