How to promote a blog? Valuable writing


Nowadays, many people have blogs on which they place their thoughts and analyses of various situations. Most of these blogs are worthless and nobody wants to read them. What do you need to do to promote your blog?

Firstly, the information it contains must be specific and relevant. There is no time and place for pouring water, because few people have time to read the cloggers. If you have already found someone on the blog, you have to keep them with good texts, good words and valuable information.

Successes of foreign bloggers

Garance Doré, a well-known French fashion blogger, took care of blogging by accident. She had previously worked as an illustrator, but it did not give her joy. So she created a blog where she published her works. After some time she also started to add fashion entries to it. It didn't take long for her style, lightness of her pen and knowledge to attract thousands of people to her blog. Her texts were even published by the world's largest fashion magazines. For her achievements, she even received the Council of Fashion Designers of America award, granted to the best fashion journalists.


Chiara Ferragni is also one of the most popular bloggers in the world. This Italian woman was one of the pioneers who transformed the success of her blog into a business. Her hairstyles presented in the block of flats attracted a lot of people to her. Currently Chiara cooperates with the largest clothing manufacturers in the world, as well as developing its business - it publishes books and writes a lot of articles. However, she does not forget to keep a blog that allowed her to achieve fame.

Nicolette Mason is a person who did not care about herself, but developed her XXL fashion blog. Currently, she is the owner of the world's largest blog on this subject. It shows other women that despite the extra pounds they are still beautiful and attractive. Her writing style is very light, but at the same time concrete and self-confident. Thanks to her knowledge, she has also received a special section in fashion magazines, where she publishes her columns and articles on women's fashion in larger sizes.

On the example of the above mentioned bloggers you may notice that your own style, care for readers, proper selection of passwords and keywords can help you to achieve success. The most important thing, however, is patience and constant development of his journalistic workshop. Good texts are the easiest way to attract readers to your blog.

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