Where can an unemployed person borrow money from?


Although unemployment is very low, many people still have problems finding employment. A large percentage of these people do not have money for basic livelihoods. Then the idea of taking a moment's notice appears, because in a bank such a person has practically no chance of receiving a loan.

Is it a good idea to take such a moment? Yes, but only on condition that you have received an employment guarantee in advance. If such a person is to take up a job any day, such a moment for the unemployed may be the only chance to survive, and many companies with short-term loans do not require a certificate of employment.

However, before you reach for a moment, you have to look for better and cheaper sources of money. In the first place, the family appears. If you have borrowed money from your family before and gave it back on time, they should borrow the money without any major problems, if they have it, of course.

When the family is not able to borrow, we try with our closest friends. In this way you can also quickly find out who will really help us in a bad life situation. The downside of this way is that you can see that you have never really had too many friends.

Good habit...Don't lend

It is categorically forbidden to borrow money from family or friends if there are no real prospects of paying off the debt. You can lose confidence very quickly, even if you return the borrowed money later. Similarly, as far as the unemployment benefits are concerned, do not borrow if there is no prospect of debt repayment.

The debt loop is a problem that has already affected many borrowers. Getting out of such a situation is terribly difficult, but not impossible. The company that offered the loan prefers to recover even part of the debt rather than not see the money at all. The most important thing is to call and find a solution that satisfies both parties.

The problem with the repayment of debts cannot be a reason to be ashamed. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to wait, hoping that the matter "somehow" will be solved. Without taking a step towards getting out of debt, with every month the debt will grow. There is no situation without a way out, even the one that seems to be the most hopeless - we have to remember about it.

How do I extend my debt for free?

The solution is very simple and allows a huge number of unemployed people to survive until the day they find a job. In order to repay the debt in one loan company, another free loan covering all the debt is taken out. In this way it is possible to postpone the payment even by several months.

Again, it should be stressed that this is a last resort and is only good if the repayment of one loan is extended. If the money goes away, we will be indebted not in one, but in two or more companies. Anyone who has a short-term loan in their plans has to think very seriously about whether this solution will bring more benefits than losses.

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