Own online business in 10 steps


Internet businesses are developing very well. People all over the world like to buy online because they have a lot of choice and save time. That's why using the opportunity that online business offers can be an idea for life. Where to start such a business? What to do to earn money online? We have concrete steps for you, which will be worth guiding you.

Online business in 10 steps


Before starting your own business you have to define what you want to do, whether it is a shop, a service company or maybe tasks carried out as part of such activities as freelancing? Despite the saturation of the market there is a niche almost everywhere.

Market analysis

Before we want to act, we need to know how the market functions in a similar scope of activity. Especially when it comes to online business, the competition is currently very high. You should analyze the industry in which you want to operate. We assess the ability to compete with existing entities.

Business plan

The most important thing here is rational action. We rationally define goals and opportunities. We have to analyze what costs will be incurred in the course of business. It is necessary to approach this rationally and really assess what costs will be undertaken, what will be repeated regularly and what costs will be repeated only from time to time.

Business idea


Of course, it must be catchy, suited to the nature of the business. The name must be remembered, that is why the best solution when the name is short, business in the network, which has an interesting name, will certainly have a better chance of success.

Registration of activities

When all the other issues are completed then you will be able to perform the remaining tasks. You can move on to the right. Every online business is a legal business and therefore needs to be registered. Depending on the form, various forms of registration in the Commune Office will have to be arranged. Zus and the Tax Office.


When it comes to formal issues, which are important, we have to take care, among other things, of the company's bank account. If someone wants to sell products, they must also have a fiscal cash register, a company seal. You should establish a form of settlement with the Tax Office and either organise your own online accounting or establish cooperation with an accountant's office. If someone is going to run an online store, it is also worth to prepare the appropriate software that will be able to run the store.

In addition, if someone runs a shop, he or she must also draw up shop regulations, return regulations, complaints, privacy policy, forms of payment, secure solutions that will allow you to run your business, so that your customers can make payments without problems. In the case of a shop, of course, you should also organize the delivery issues. It is important to organize several forms of shipment for customers, so that they can choose the right option for them. In the case of running a shop, there will be many important issues to deal with in order to decide whether or not the business is going to work properly.

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