How to protect your data on your laptop?


The laptop is slowly becoming a basic tool for working in offices and beyond. Slowly and effectively pushes desktop computers out of the market and there is nothing strange about it. Due to the size of the laptop you can take with you on a business trip, holiday, to meet the customer. However, using a laptop poses a great danger from the point of view of data protection and the files we store in it.

Data security in the laptop

If we use the laptop only at home and do not share it with any other person, we very rarely set a password which allows us to secure access to the data stored in it. However, if we have to leave the computer among unknown people or if we lose it, there is a serious problem with the protection of files on it and access to confidential information. Sometimes a laptop left unattended for literally a few moments, becomes an object of attack of unauthorized persons and unwanted software is installed on it, or confidential information is stolen.

Disk encryption

Another good method is to encrypt data throughout the drive. It is worth to do it from the very beginning of using the computer, and before each trip let's make additional copies of data on the external drive, which gives us a sense of security and protection against loss of important information.

What to do not to lose your laptop?

A laptop should always be nearby, preferably as a hand luggage, because according to statistics, the most common situation when we lose our equipment is leaving it unattended for moments. The computer should be left in the boot, not on the seat, it should not be allowed in the checked baggage, it should always be as hand luggage. In case of loss of a laptop from hatch baggage, insurers usually refuse to pay compensation, which is worth using.

Laptop safety

Kensington has developed a very good way to protect your unattended laptop for a moment with a special security cord that is worth buying before you travel. This is an additional protection against thieves and it is much harder to forget a laptop with it attached to some other object.

Location of lost laptop

Sometimes laptop manufacturers offer to locate the device using the installed software. If you don't have one, you can use web-based software such as Prey or LoJack. Take care of your privacy. Nearly every laptop is equipped with a camera, which allows you to watch the user. You can seal it with tape or buy a special cap that will prevent you from tracking when you take control of your laptop.

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