Modern on-line accounting


Every day we use new devices, intelligent systems and life-saving applications. Accounting is also constantly changing, both in terms of new regulations and tools that make it easy for entrepreneurs to navigate in this area. Get to know online accounting and take full control over your company!

The ideal solution for you

Modern online accounting already has many supporters, and it is expected that there will be more and more of them. The young generation in particular, which has been dealing with mobile phones and computers since childhood, is inclined to take advantage of all the technical innovations. However, these programs are addressed to everyone, and their main advantage is their simple operation.

Convenience, safety and modern technology in one

It is worth having at your disposal an intelligent, complete program to manage your company on-line, with invoicing, warehouse service and orders. Thanks to it, you will be able to easily enter costs, maintain a revenue and expense ledger as well as employee matters, and you will also send a mandatory JPK from January 2018.

The applications allow you to work from any place in the world, just connect to the Internet. Everything you need is located in the so-called "cloud". You have access to documents 24 hours a day without interruption, all year round and they are secured with a login and password. Your data is fully encrypted and usually insured for several thousand dollars.

Keeping a Tax Book of Revenue and Disbursements

An excellent mockery program should enable you to book - KPiR and keep a VAT register, generate tax returns (VAT7, VAT7K, VAT7D, VAT EU VAT), keep a vehicle register (adding records and posting), prepare an annual summary of KPiR and VAT registers, keep a register of offices, book depreciation, keep a register of fixed assets, printout of the state on a given day, generation of KpiR printouts and VAT registers, maintenance of equipment register, status printout for a given day, generation of revenue and cost statements to Excel, semi-automatic posting of sales and purchase invoices, with automatic prompting of correct posting, downloading all documents to PDF version or the possibility of printing), or use of the tax calendar.

Advantages of online accounting

Entrepreneurs more and more often decide to choose a modern accounting application. They point to such positive features as ease of use, functionality, affordability and reliability. An important issue here is also the lack of the need to follow the changes in tax law urgently - this is the responsibility of professionals. In addition to the financial benefits of cost reduction, the entrepreneur also has a sense of in-depth personal control of his own company. Online accounting is developing intensively, the system can now cooperate with online shops, auction services (e.g. Allegro), banks, various records. These technical achievements are also for you, try them out!

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