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Many companies choose to post sponsored articles on other websites - this is an effective way to promote themselves. However, there are voices that speak of the unethicality of this type of advertising. Below you will find rules that will allow you to properly construct and publish a sponsored article that will not violate the law or ethics.

The right is the basis for

The two words that must always be under this type of advertising are: "Sponsored article'. Without this, we violate the rules contained in Art. 36 of the Press Law, which speaks of a clear and indisputable marking of an advertisement or announcement. For this reason, many editors place sponsored articles elsewhere or frame them. If we give up this type of separation, we break the law.

Fantasy or fee

This is probably the most controversial issue. Not every marketing agency or advertising company wants to pay the amounts specified in the price list of advertisements of a given newspaper or portal. Then there are "gifts", which are probably a nice gesture for a journalist or editor of a particular department, but a loss for the whole editorial office.

The journalist will tell you the truth

A journalist is a profession of public trust, but it is not without reason that we often do not have any trust in them. After all, we will not believe in the opinion of the automotive journalist, who has been offered a holiday in exchange for his flattering opinions about the new model. In some newspapers, however, the presentation of products is everyday life - fashion, cosmetics, technical novelties. Let us remember, therefore, that sponsored articles are advertising and not the opinion of a particular journalist.

Small exchange, i.e. buy an advertisement, and I will write about you

Some people choose to publish sponsored material without proper designation in return for purchasing advertising in another form. Let us stress that this is not consistent with the Code of Journalistic Ethics. Moreover, it misleads society.

sponsored article

Customer our Lord

We must also remember how the product is presented. It must not be too intrusive advertising that does not bring anything to the reader's knowledge. For example: when advertising a photographic workshop you can describe extreme sessions. The text must also be true. If the product is dangerous, the text should also contain such information. Let us also remember that the basis is the undervaluation of competition. Sponsored articles may talk about the advantages of one product, but they cannot criticise another.

Set of ethical standards

Few people know that even PR specialists must be guided by ethical principles, namely those enshrined in the ZFPR Code of Good Practice. The first point is that Public Relations employees must provide truthful opinions in a reliable and exhaustive manner.

The document also talks about contact with the media. Here are two basic principles:

  • You may not suggest or offer remuneration to a journalist or editorial office for the publication of journalistic material.
  • Purchase of advertising space obliges to mark the advertising character of the material

The publication shows a lot about the company's attitude - so it is worth showing its positive face. Instead of bypassing the rules of the law, it is better to encourage the media and, even more so, the clients.

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